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Solvver Solutions is an innovative company focused on implementing top-notch, cloud-based solutions for engineering environments.

We specialise in monitoring & instrumentation solutions, mobile and real time apps for engineering and complex software solutions in general.

We help our clients implement full-stack instrumentation solutions, from bleeding-edge proof-of-concepts to robust end-to-end solutions. We provide design and installation services at the sensor network level, all through the electronics and communication systems up to high-end software solutions tailored to their needs.

By engineers, for engineers

In the era of Gmail, Dropbox and Office 365, users expect being able to consume data in real time wherever they are and whatever device they use (Desktop, Tablets and Smartphones). Our goal is to provide this 21st century tools to engineers.

Civil engineering
We've been working hand in hand with engineers to provide powerful solutions in different areas: Structural Health Monitoring, Seismic Monitoring and bridge management tools.
We can help you consolidate SCADA and DCS data, providing a cloud-based unified and accesible view of the most relevant information right to you smartphone.
Other sectors
Our general purpose real-time platform solvView can help you develop your ideas, talk to us and we'll help you make it a reality.

we solvve problems

Custom solutions for unique challenges. Use solvView's sophisticated analytical capabilities for any problem involving massive amounts of sensor data.

solvView monitoring - Our flagship platform

Our real-time monitoring platform you can plug your instrumentation projects into and benefit from the power of the cloud with little risk and cost.

solvView SHM - civil engineering solutions

Our especialization field to develop advanced tools for civil engineering.

Who are we?

We are a team of results-oriented, highly motivated individuals that strive to deliver best-in-class solutions on each and every project.

When working hand-in-hand with our clients, we bring in our deep technical skills and our strong commitment to ensure the greatest results.