solvView SHM

the ultimate Structural Health Monitoring solution

We develop bleeding edge solutions for the civil engineering sector

Real-world, non-trivial problem solving requires multidisciplinar skill-sets. When the problem at hand includes both technological and structural challenges, we team up with Torroja engineers to provide best-in-class, end-to-end solutions to complex engineering problems. The depth and breadth of their structural expertise coupled with our state-of-the-art technology is your best guarantee of success.

Gain peace of mind with our fact-based SHM solution.

We will design quantitative algorithms to help you analyze possible defects in the construction of your structure and value imperceptible damages due to an unexpected events like terrain excitation during earthquakes.

Get insight of the evolution of the structure in large periods of time.

Complement field inspections with solvView SHM to verify the behaviour of the structure and optimize costs.

Classic Monitoring

The monitoring of static parameters such as strains, deformations, tilts and displacements is another useful and complementary tool to asses the long term performance and to identify changes in behavior.

By installing a number of sensors, measuring parameters relevant to the structural conditions and other important environmental parameters, it is possible to obtain a picture of the structure's state and evolution.

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Calculations

Dynamic Monitoring

Some parameters such as vibrations monitoring need a dynamic approach to SHM.

This allows us to perform the continuous on-line identification of modal parameters based on structural responses to ambient excitation (automated Operational Modal Analysis).

  • Vibrational analysis
  • Seismic characterization
  • Operational Modal Aanalysis

Complex algorithms

You've developed your own algorithms and want to move into the cloud? Great. We'll help you implement them.

Just want to solve a problem and don't want to make all the math behind it? we can help too.

Along with our Civil Engineering partners, we will design an algorithm that will help you achieve your goals.