solvView SHM

the real-time platform for your real-world projects

Want to move into the cloud? No need to start from scratch

Want to manage your sensor data securely, easily and show real-time and historical data in any device? Do you want to aggregate, visualize and analyze data? solvView is the ultimate framework that will help you achieve it.

It's pay as you go, so no need for huge investment upfront, just pay it when you use it.

It's compatible with previous developments. Use our connectors to get up and running in hours, not weeks.

Why solvView will make your projects shine

Transform bulk data into useful information: our in-built mathematical engine in combination with our world-class real-time signal processing toolkit will help you get predictive insights from your data. Make the information actionable by using the gathered insights to drive your business processes.

Big-data ready: Wether you need to process a huge number of parallel data streams or single-channels with very high data rates, we can handle it. solvView is handling many billions of samples per month, with ultra-high temporal resolution, up to the millisecond.

Real-time. No fakes.

We stream your sensor data the same way a cable company streams a football match to your TV.

Get a notification on your device when your application detects a problem in a matter of seconds.

Data streaming

Our streaming algorithms are able to coordinate analytics processing in real-time across distributed machines and data

Real-time visualization

Our state of the art graphs and maps show your live data in all your devices.

Mobile notifications

Your system detects any problem? Send alarms and event notifications to any mobile device and act quickly.

Worried about the cloud?

We've got you covered


Completely secure with 2048 bit RSA encryption. We use the same level of security companies like amazon, apple or google use.


solvView is able to work without a hassle in hostile network environments.

We've developed a transactional service to make sure no data is lost if the internet conection on your device fails.


Our platform is designed from the ground up with scalability in mind. Need to add hundred or thousands of installations and process billions of data frames per second? No problem we can grow our data center as much as you want.


We know how important it is to you having access to your data at all times, it is to us too. We've had 99,9% of availability for the last 12 months and we're working hard to improve it.